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1979 marks the return of Charles Antona to his native island, Corsica, which he had left years before. Once in Corsica, Charles Antona happily rediscovers the gastronomic joys of his childhood and wanting to share the gustatory richness of his island, he uses his passion to help develop the agricultural richness of Corsica.

In 1991 he creates “Corsica Gastronomia”, his very own production factory. At the beginning, the unit employs 5-6 people and produces about thirty specialties: at first pâtés based on traditional recipes and later on also jams... Charles Antona works hard, trains, develops and gradually surrounds himself with qualified staff members and efficient material, all at the service of a traditional know-how, the legacy of “his grandmother’s recipes”.

In 2009, Corsica Gastronomia realizes a new stage in its development and, thanks to the hard work of a team of 35 people, obtains the ISO 22000 label, which guarantees the quality, the regularity and the reliability and safety of every production.

With 2011 comes a new challenge: concerned about using only high quality raw materials, Charles Antona uses 10 hectares of family land in the Coti-Chiavari region to plant hundreds of fig trees, all certified organic. It is the very beginning of the creation of an agricultural estate aiming at restoring ancestral orchards. The project which seemed “crazy” at its beginnings in 1991 is now taking shape. From the raw materials up to the know-how, Charles Antona now masters the production chain from start to end, and is able to guarantee you “the best of the best”. Today he offers a complete range of typical and tasteful products for particular customers who like to find the flavours they once knew and also discover new and unknown tastes. For Charles Antona, constantly reorienting his production is vital, combining tradition and gastronomy with technology. Charles Antona’s specialties reflect his personal values. He wants his products to be “the expression of a land, a perfume, and a flavour” because “before selling a product, there’s its history...”

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